Surfing is more than a hobby or activity…it is a lifestyle. For anyone that loves hanging ten and riding the wild ocean waves, this feeling shouldn’t be only at the beach. You can bring this feeling into your home so you always have those laid back and low key vibes. The best way to do that? Surfboard Wall Art.  Looking to add a bit of that vibe to your space? Read on to find ideas on how to add this look or similar looks into your home.    

Shaun Thomas’ specializes in creating modern coastal art


Make a Statement in your Living Room

Every living room should have a statement wall or focal point to the space. Typically, this is an easy achievement through art. Go bold in your living room by adding a large art piece behind your sofa to draw the eye in. Shaun Thomas’ line of wood wall sculptures are great for creating drama, texture, and visual interest to any space. Go with one large piece, or opt for slightly smaller pieces that add up to a larger image, such as the Shorebreak” piece.  

Create some Wow in your Entry

The entrance to any home sets the vibe and feel of a space. It is the first ‘room’ you see when walking in, so what is in this space tells a lot and sets the story. If you are wishing to create a coastal cool or relaxing setting, place an art piece directly in sight of your front door, so that every time you enter your space, it is the first thing you see. Sunset Peak” wave art sculpture is a great minimalist display of that big wave every surfer dreams of catching.  

Elevate a Vignette

Home vignettes are a great way to showcase décor and home objects. These are usually arranged on larger pieces of furniture, such as dressers and consoles. To create the backdrop for any home vignette, a piece of wall art hung directly above offers a great addition to your home décor. For example, the “Morning Peaks” wave art piece is a stunning creation that perfectly frames your console table or dresser, adding depth and movement to a space.  

Spruce Up your Office

Home offices have grown in popularity within the past few months. Adding some decorative elements can work wonders to enhance a dull and cold office space. Artwork is another great add to these spaces since there isn’t much table display space in these room. Two great options for placing a large piece of art are directly behind your desk to create some drama and focus for the room, or directly in front of you. This way as you work, you are able to gaze at the art and daydream of hitting the beach when the work day is over. Morning Caves” modern coastal art is a nice calming piece to sooth any home office. There are so many options to add a bit of that surfboard aesthetic into your space. Whichever wall you choose, Shaun’s line of contemporary surf art and surf decor offers multiple sizes. mediums and styles that suit your wants and needs.  

Modernize Your Space | Metal Wave Wall Art

Metal artwork has been a form of self-expression since ancient times. It gives any room a clean, modern, industrial, high-definition look. These wave prints are infused into aluminum. These show-stopping pieces are great for your home or as a gift to someone you love. Metal prints are resistant to fading, moisture, and scratching, which are perfect elements for to be hung inside or outside your home.   Check out Shaun Thomas’ new line of metal wave wall art. His new series includes modern metal surfboards as well as various other custom layouts and sizes. His Wave Sculptures and modern Surf Art are available online and to view in person at popular Laguna Beach Art Gallery, located in Orange County, California.