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Sunset Peak


One of Shaun Thomas‘ personal favorite wave sculpture. To a bystander on the beach, the waves might all look the same – one rolling, foamy repetition after another. But to a trained eye, some waves sparkle with potential. The ones that breach the surface with a special kind of roar – the ones that rumble and erupt – their peaks are something beholden to those who tune in, those who were willing to wait all day for the perfect wave. Sunset Peak stands alone as a can’t miss feature in any room. It’s natural white birch grains pop through the transparent stains of blues, whites and oranges, to naturally complement this wave sculpture.


– 3/4″ sculpture wave
– 3/4″ back mount
– Satin Finish
– Numbered, Signed & dated
– Hanging Hardware Included (Cleat System)/span>


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70×30, 80×34, 90×38