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Check out Laguna Beach wave artist Shaun Thomas’ new sculpture. This wooden surfboard decor piece is split up into 4 panels, making a fish shaped surfboard. Perfect fit for the surfer enthusiast looking for that beach artwork decor. Although new or used boards do look cool as surfboard wall art, this piece in particular really pops off the wall with the contrasting colors of dark walnut stained wood and the vibrant colors of the art piece. It goes well in many coastal themed rooms and offered in various sizes from mini surfboard wall art sculptures to 9′ wide pieces to accommodate any sized room. To learn more about sizing and pricing on this surfboard wall art, click here.



SIMILAR surfboard wall art & WOODEN SURFBOARD DECOR by Shaun Thomas



Shaun Thomas’ series of 3d Wood wave sculptures & beach artwork decor





Don’t know what a fish shaped surfboard is?

wooden surf board decor | Surf Wall Art | coastal wall sculptures | san diego surf art | Shaun Thomas


Fish surfboards refer to the tail setup of the surfboard. There are different types of fish surfboards from hybrid fish to retro fish and more. Becoming popular back in the seventies, right around the time the surf world was transitioning from a single fin, todays fish’s can be seen with have 2, 3 or even 4 fins. Fish surfboards typically have short and wide templates, packing in more foam, which results to more buoyancy, ease of catching waves and tighter turns in the pocket. From small to large waves, the board is a blast! Capable of handling all types of conditions.

Growing up, Shaun Thomas’ often switched from riding his traditional short board, to the Fish shaped board quite often. This shape reminds him of the long hot summer days as a kid playing around in the water – not a worry in the world. Thats what this wooden mini surfboard wall art sculpture represents – nothing but positive vibes.