Vintage Beach Prints On Wood, coastal prints

Vintage Beach Prints On Wood

Coastal Prints on Wood

Injecting dyes directly into wood. The transparent ink allows the beautiful wood grain to create its own artistic effect. No two pieces are alike.


Shaun’s subtle minimalist designs are complemented with a unique wood grain pattern which creates a vivid skyline or wavy water effect throughout each print. These wood prints are more muted in color and have a warm, earthy and almost vintage look and feel to them.

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Shaun now infuses images of real wood grain into his metal and canvas prints. With this effect, he is able to add movement, texture and patterns into sections of his design in a creative natural way. His wave prints are now elevated to fit the modern coastal art look and feel while staying organic and warm.

Flawless Results On Wood

Unlike other mediums, wood is not a perfect substrate to print on. To ensure each wood print will turn out flawlessly, the highest grade White Birch plywood is used. Which results in a beautiful wood grain pattern throughout the piece.

wood print

In the image above, you will notice the subtle differences from what you see online, to what an actual wood print looks like. Since the wood substrate we are printing on is not a bright white and is more of a natural light wood color hue, the printed dyes are going to be a shade or two darker. Using white birch plywood instead of maple, avoids any noticeable yellow tint. If you are interested in using wood as the medium of choice for your piece, please keep these notes in mind.


I have a dark room with not a lot of natural light. What do you recommend?
I recommend Metal or Canvas medium. Wood prints tend to appear dark in darker rooms.

I am looking to hang this outside:
Metal print is recommended

I love the movement in the wood grain pattern from the images I see online. Will it look like that in a wood print?
Similar, but no exact. With the images you see online, I have added a real wood grain image into different sections of the artwork I am able to manipulate the wood grain into sections of the design so that it fits each piece perfectly. If you want the piece to turn out exactly how you see it online, go with a metal or canvas print. With the wood prints, the natural wood grain shows through, creating its own unique movement in the sky and waves. It’s just not as vivid and the movement might not flow perfectly in each section of the artwork like you see in the images online.


A keyhole system is used on the back of all wood prints so that the piece sits flush against the wall. All you will need is a drywall anchor/screw that will hold 10-25 lbs. You can find a box at your standard hardware store for a few dollars.



Translucent ink injected into white birch plywood. The natural wood grain pattern shows throughout each piece.

  • Earthy and organic muted colors
  • Vintage look and feel
  • Natural wood grain, no two pieces are alike
  • Free US Shipping

Infusing a real wood grain image in different sections of the design. A sense of movement is created and the piece comes to life.

  • Vibrant and colorful with luminescent glow
  • Modern and sleek
  • Interior & exterior use
  • Satin, semi-gloss & high gloss finish options
  • Free US Shipping

Use of a real wood grain image infused into the design. Canvas Wraps have the image wrapped around 1.5″ thick stretcher bars, ready to hang.

  • Most affordable option
  • Colorful and vibrant
  • Rolled Canvas option to ship cheaper internationally
  • Free US Shipping