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Modern Wall Sculptures

Various species of Wood, Stone, Marble & More!

“Sun & Moon” Original Series

Shaun Thomas’ original sculpture series using a variety of different wood species, stone and other various materials. New available works will be featured here. For a custom commission, please get in touch.

European Walnut / Grey / Flat Black
(2) 50″x50″ | $15,995
Ebony Macassar / Walnut Burl / Koa
(2) 36″x36″ | $14,995
STONE / White / Beige
(2) 48″x48″ | $14,995

“Sun & Moon” Printed Series

Offering a more affordable option, Shaun Thomas’ “Sun & Moon” Printed Series uses images of real slabs of marble, stone and other various material. Equal parts complimentary and opposing, this duality makes for an interesting and versatile piece of art. Keeping the unique 3D aspect of these pieces, the circular sections are mounted to the squares.

More Works
Coming Soon!