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Modern Wall Sculptures

Various species of Wood, Stone, Marble & More!

Wood Collection “Sun & Moon”

Shaun Thomas’ original sculpture series using a variety of unique wood species.

European Walnut / Grey / Flat Black
(2) 50″x50″ | $15,995
Ebony Macassar / Walnut Burl / Koa
(2) 36″x36″ | $14,995

Painted Collection “Sun & Moon”

Original painted series by Shaun Thomas

modern wall sculptures, geometric circular artwork
Gray / silver / black / white
(2) 45″x45″ | $7,995

Stone Collection “Sun & Moon”

This series uses a variety of different slabs of real stone, marble, onyx and other various material.

STONE / White / Beige
(2) 48″x48″ | $14,995

Printed Collection “Sun & Moon”

Using images of real slabs of marble, stone and other various material.

More Works
Coming Soon!