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Coastal home decorations, which borrow heavily from the coastal style, are among the most popular interior décor items. From wave art to wooden surfboard wall decor, there are so many ideas. They are quite popular too – mostly because of the reminder of relaxing and fun times at the beach. That said, there are many different coastal decor themes to choose from. in the style. The rooms that you decorate in these styles, however, are somewhat similar. For instance, common themes include sun-bleached whites and ocean hues, as well as natural light and the incorporation of natural fabrics and materials. There are also a couple of differences, which would take a keen eye to note.

Table of Contents for Coastal Home Decorations

What are the Different Types of Coastal Home Décor?
What are Some Popular Coastal Interior Décor Ideas?
What are Some Interesting Things to Do in Laguna Beach Area?
What Can I Expect When I Visit the Laguna Beach Art Scene?
Concluding Thoughts About Surf Art in Laguna Beach California
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What are the Different Types of Coastal Home Decor?


SHORT ANSWER: What Varieties of Coastal Decor Exist?

  1. American Coastal Style
  2. Tropical Island Coastal Style
  3. Mediterranean Coastal Style

IN-DEPTH: Are There Any Differences in Coastal Home Decor?

In the following sections, you will learn more about the major characteristics prevalent in each style:
American Coastal Style
This style is commonly defined by comfort and relaxation. Today, it is among the most popular interior décor styles within the US. The style has grown quite rapidly and is now branching into a variety of sub-styles, including contemporary coastal style and cottage coastal style. Despite these branches, all the varieties use the same basic elements – ocean hues, warm whites (common with surfboard wall art), nautical decor, soft furnishings, reflective surfaces, and tons of natural light.
Tropical Island Coastal Style
This style is quickly emerging from the islands of Polynesia, Hawaii, and many others in the Pacific. It is now becoming more prominent in homes all over the world. Otherwise referred to as the Island style, the tropical coastal style reflects the beliefs, colors, and customs of the people native to the Pacific islands. This style is known for natural elements, nautical and cultural décor, bright tropical patterns, and natural teak among other coastal woods (used for wooden surfboard decor and others).
Mediterranean Coastal Style
This style has evolved and been adapted over the past few centuries. With regards to the Mediterranean style, what comes to mind is Ancient and Modern Greece. However, the coastal towns of Italy and Spain have also helped to shape and launch this interior décor style. Prominent in the Mediterranean coastal style are tons of natural light, as well as carved detailing, black metals and iron, heavy woods, terra cotta, and bright sunbaked colors, among others.

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What are Some Popular Coastal Interior Décor Ideas?


SHORT ANSWER: How Does Coastal Décor Work?

  1. Colors
  2. Accessories
  3. Styling and Craftsmanship
  4. Furniture
  5. Coastal Patterns

IN-DEPTH: How Can I Decorate My Home in the Coastal Style?

There is something about the lure of coastal tides and the salty humid air that seems to encompass the charm that is coastal and oceanic living. Crisp yet casual, most coastal homes – or homes that use the same décor themes, tend to seem welcome to all and sundry. The coastal design is one of the decorating themes that you cannot go wrong with. Inspired by nautical accents and weathered furniture, it is something you should try. You should know that this interior décor style incorporates shades of blue, pale finishes, and a variety of maritime elements like helms, compasses, sails, and marine life. All these elements are typical of surf décor and surf artwork settings. Whether you are longing to feel like you live in Malibu Beach or Cape Cod, the coastal design will have you creating the perfect light and fresh escape you have been yearning for. With the perfect nautical décor and coastal color palette, every day you spend at home will make you think you are right next to the beach. One of the best ways to integrate the coastal style into your home and interior spaces is to contract a wave artist or surf artist to create beach wall art for you. This way, you will be able to create the easy-going beach vibe right in your home – or any other space you wish to decorate. Visiting a Laguna Beach art gallery for more ideas about how you wish to decorate your coastal home, and the themes that are most prominent in the coastal decor style is highly recommended.
The coastal décor color palette is mostly inspired by colors you’d normally find on or close to a beach. These include, but are not limited to sandy browns, driftwood greys, ocean blues, and seafoam greens. You can, for instance, decorate your interiors with crimson touches. By so doing, you will be able to create that elusively tailored preppy look. On the other hand, consider incorporating coral bursts to add that pop of color to the soft tones of the space. Using art, you can also add a much-needed breath of fresh air. This will enable you with the ability to punctuate the sea hues. Artsy ideas here include getting sails showing off the horizon. Some of the other popular colors used in this style are casual in nature and include:
  1. Sea glass green
  2. Sunny coral
  3. Weathered blue
  4. Ocean turquoise
  5. Pure white
In the same way, most of the coastal living décor come in bold and seaworthy colors. These include true navy, seagrass green, sunset gold, and regatta red. They are popular because of their natural ability to add the maritime style – whether you want it in your master bath or in a guest room.
Alternatively, you have the option of getting coastal and island-inspired tropical décor accessories in shades of buoy blue, regatta red, bright coral, cool lime, and palm-green. Ideas here include:
  1. Accent pillows
  2. Bath accessories
  3. Bedding
  4. End tables
  5. Furniture
  6. Lighting
  7. Rugs
  8. Throws
  9. Wall décor
Styling and Craftsmanship
As you view the artist’s gallery, you should only choose those items that come with unmatched craftsmanship and style. By so doing, you will be able to take your pick of anything – from coastal decor and nautical decor all the way to modern beach decor. These items will be more effective at adding that exotic island touch to your interiors. The trendsetting and beautiful items will also brighten up your rooms and enable you to experience the casual and comfortable style that is typical of coastal living. Some of the other elements you can use for coastal décor include:
  • Wicker
The comfort and texture of wicker will give your spaces the weathered look you are yearning for. Rattan and wicker furniture tends to be durable, meaning that it is ideal for indoor seating but also works with patio furniture. What is more, it is the perfect accent for your sitting room or porch.
  • Glass
If you pick the right glass accessories, you can make your coast-themed home sparkle like sunlight reflecting against water. Decorative sea glass and glass bottles will accent your rooms with the subtle shine that will help draw the eye. Where possible, get green and muted blue glass – they are more effective at capturing the ocean hues you have used in your home.
  • Driftwood
Shaped and scrubbed by the salty waters of the sea, driftwood has a naturally soft finish and a ghostly silhouette that will give your space that enviable wild look. You can also use driftwood décor items – such as lamps and frames – to add that earthy feel to your coastal space’s natural fluidity.
  • Rope
On the other hand, you can use rope accents and natural fibers to further accentuate your coastal living space. The rope accessories will lend a largely nautical touch to your coastal décor. It will also set it apart from the more common cottage styles. Ideas here include rope wrapped lamps, curtain ties, and rope baskets – all of which will infuse your interior spaces with the textured element that is rope.
  • Furniture
You can also use furniture to better experience the majesty and beauty of the coast and the beach. There is such a wide variety of coastal and beach décor furniture that you will be spoilt for choice. This large variety also means that you can turn any home or space into a beach house – even if you don’t live close to the gently lapping oceanic waves that turn any holiday into heaven. As you pick the furniture for your new coastal décor theme, ensure that you get it in vibrant blue hues. Add some catchy nautical accessories and you will give subtle nods to the coastal themes that have inspired you. Alternatively, use coastal mirrors and beach art ideas from Laguna Beach art galleries to further decorate your rooms and accentuate their beauty.
  • Coastal Patterns
Some of the more popular patterns used in the coastal décor theme include:
  • Nautical
The most prominent nautical patterns include compasses, sails, helms, and anchors. These are all essential parts of the coastal décor. You should incorporate nautical classics using decorative wood wall sculptures, accessories, fabric prints, and wall art.
  • Coral
On the other hand, consider getting coral décor. It will add to the vibrant interest that will make your coastal style even more alluring. Coral accents are mostly inspired by the beautifully brilliant colors and shapes of coral reefs. They will also give your décor that bohemian edge that is perfect for ocean life. Ideas here include coral print wall art, wooden wave art, and throw pillows.
  • Stripes
Stripes are the tried and tested the way you can give greater structure to the coastal design you have picked. Pinstripes and thick stripes will lead the viewer’s eye. They will also create the impression that your space is even larger. You can get your inspiration from classic sailor outfits and vintage beach chairs – with the wide cabana style stripes – to add greater balance to the spaces you choose to decorate in the coastal theme.
  • Trellis
Quatrefoil and trellis patterns will add to the complexity of your coastal home. With their knotted and woven shapes – as well as Moroccan influences – accessories in the trellis print include curtains, rugs, and pillows. They will make an undeniably beautiful statement in your home. Additionally, they will add greater dimension to your spaces. TAKE-AWAY: Whether you tend to take beach vacations in the summer or you live by the seaside full-time, the ocean and the coast – as well as Laguna Beach must be special for you. With perfect nautical accents of surf art and décor, as well as your fond memories, you can now bring the coast right into your home.

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What are Some Interesting Things to Do in Laguna Beach Area?


SHORT ANSWER: What are the Must-Sees and Must-Dos in Laguna Beach?

  1. Tide Pools
  2. Snorkeling
  3. See the Town
  4. Art
  5. Heisler Park

IN-DEPTH: How Can I Have Fun in Laguna Beach?

The premier coastal destination in Southern California, Laguna Beach is nestled neatly in between majestic canyons and hidden coves. An annual retreat for art lovers and coastal décor enthusiasts alike, it also attracts romantics, families, beachgoers, and outdoor adventurers. Here’s what the town has to offer:
  • Tide Pools
Laguna Beach has some of the most enthralling tide pooling opportunities in the country. As you explore the tide pools, you will get up-close looks at the various sea creatures in the coastal region – such as anemones and sea stars.
  • Snorkeling
A must-see in Laguna Beach is Wood’s Cove, which makes the area a snorkeling hotspot. Complete with a state marine reserve, this is the perfect way to spy kelp reefs and colorful fish. There are also endless birds, dolphins, seals, and some whales. Wood’s Cove is always a good idea because it tends to crowd less than Main Beach. However, it is still close to Downtown Laguna making it easy to reach right from the roadside.
  • See the Town
You can also ride a local bus or trolley right through town. Laguna Beach has free trolley services Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays all through the year.
  • Art
Laguna Beach has primarily served as an artist colony since the 1900s. Today, the area promotes the ideation, creation, distribution, and marketing of various types of beautiful artwork. Today, nothing much is changed and there are still many opportunities for you to soak up the art in Laguna Beach. Events and places – such as the Sawdust Festival and the Laguna Art Museum – provide even more chances for you to see, buy, or just immerse yourself in art. However, it goes over and beyond this. In fact, you can take the Laguna Beach Art Walk on the first Thursday of each month and see more than 100 art galleries. This is an open house event that will allow you the ability to experience a wide range of artwork. Additionally, the Plein Air Painting Invitational happens every October and will give you – whether you are a local or a visitor – the chance to watch as plein air painters go straight to the point of what they do. During this annual event, you can get art tips, learn more about painting outdoors, and compete. With so many art-related events running all through the year, there is no doubt that Laguna Beach is the greatest art city in Southern California – and you shouldn’t miss this when you visit.
  • Heisler Park
Finally, you can stroll right through Heisler Park. This park offers some of the most spectacular views over the local coastline. It is located to the north of the Main Beach and is paved throughout. You can also enjoy a barbecue with friends or have a picnic in the park.

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What Can I Expect When I Visit the Laguna Beach Art Scene?


SHORT ANSWER: How Artsy is Laguna Beach?

  1. Sawdust Art Festival
  2. Festival of Arts
  3. Laguna Dance Festival
  4. Laguna Beach Music Festival
  5. First Thursdays Art Walk

IN-DEPTH: What Artsy Things Can I Do in Laguna Beach?

An art colony to the core, Laguna Beach has tons of artists, galleries, and committees. The people involved looking after the natural loveliness of the region while also helping to create and place artwork in the right hands – or even in public spaces. Some are charged with the responsibility of pasting lamppost banner originals created by local artists while others create street corner art and towering edifices in just about every place you look. Today, Laguna Beach is popular for its variety of famed art festivals. However, there are many other offerings it has in store for you all year round. These offerings are all designed to stimulate the artist in you and include public art, the First Thursdays Art Walk, art classes, and gallery exhibits. With over 100 artist studios and art galleries, it is no wonder why Laguna Beach is the art colony of the entire region. Therefore it is easy for you to take home parts of this beautiful city – such as in the form of coastal artwork for your coastal themed interior décor. What is more, each of the pieces you will come across are unique and you are highly unlikely to come across anything similar anywhere else. This is part of the magic that is Laguna Beach. Consider the following:
  • Sawdust Art Festival
The Sawdust Art Festival opens its wooden doors in late June. Most years, it features hundreds of local, domestic, and international artists. Each artist is juried before they join the show – a local tradition that goes back all the way to 1948.
  • Festival of Arts
Down half a block from Sawdust and across Laguna Canyon Road is the Festival of Arts. This outdoorsy art festival features hundreds of the finest artists from all over Southern California. Of course, you should take care not to miss the Pageant of Masters, which is another local tradition that is now more than 80 years old. This Pageant happens in July and is unique to Laguna Beach – nothing quite like it exists anywhere else. It is also where art truly comes to life, and you will be impressed by what you will see happening on stage.
  • Laguna Dance Festival
You can also visit Laguna Beach in September to be part of the audiences that will experience the world-class performances from national and international dance companies – thanks to the Laguna Dance Festival.
  • Laguna Beach Music Festival
Art by way of musical festivals happens all year long – even through the winter. Apart from the concert series hosted in the different parts and the mini-festivals that dot the calendar year, you also have the chance to participate or be in the audience at Laguna Beach Live. This event brings together nationally acclaimed jazz musicians and produces the even more famous Laguna Beach Music Festival every February.
  • First Thursdays Art Walk
This walk is the epitome of art in Laguna Beach. An education art event that runs all through the month but is held on the first Thursday of each month (from 6 to 9 pm), it will allow you to join in the celebration of the diverse and ever-evolving cultural art scene in Laguna Beach. What is more – it is free.  

Concluding Thoughts About Surf Art & Coastal Sculptures in Laguna Beach California

If you are visiting Laguna Beach and wish to improve the coastal décor of your spaces back home, there is no better way to do this than by getting the rarest and finest wave sculpture. From surf décor and artwork to wooden wall sculptures, there is such a wide variety of works of art that you will be delighted by the choices. Visit Shaun Thomas’ Laguna Beach Art Gallery today through info@shaunthomasart.com or (949) 274-9023 for details.

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