In the Graphic Designer turned Artist post, I shared how I got started as an wave artist. What came next was the discovery of a unique style that is an authentic and true representation of myself, Shaun Thomas. Here’s a little more insight on that approach… Creating a line of artwork that fans, customers and collectors can easily point out and recognize is not the easiest task. As an Artist, it can be challenging sticking with one style and repeating it over and over again when all you want to do is explore new approaches and techniques. Unlike most Artists, my natural style of creating is very meticulous and well thought-out. Which is why I originally fell in love with Graphic Design and had a successful career before becoming a full time Artist. Running my own Design Firm prior, I eventually found myself limited to my customer’s visions. As much as I would want to push the boundaries with design, there were guidelines that I had to stick to with most of my clients. My style has always been clean and minimalistic. Even as a kid I was very particular. From my bedroom being well organized and clean to my hair being a certain way everyday. Without knowing it, I have always been passionate about design and creativity. There is a reason, a purpose, and a balance for all items in my artwork. Being an Artist was never really part of the plan. I didn’t follow the trends or other artist’s that I admired. I simply discovered it from exploring and embracing my own unique approach and natural style.   wave art, surf art, 3d wave, modern coastal, wood wall sculpture Pictured above: Beach Break (Reflection)modern wood wave sculpture.   Beginning this new career path as an Artist, I knew I had to create a collection that stood out from other Artist’s work. Ocean and Surf inspired artwork has been around for quite some time. You could say it’s a very saturated market. From drawings and paintings to photographs, the choices are endless.   As much as I love some of the top Wave and Surf Artist’s work out there, I sometimes feel a large piece can look cartoony and often cheapen a well designed room. Photographs can look amazing in spaces, but I personally like a space that has a little more creative thought to it. With my clean and minimalistic approach, combined with the use of an organic wood medium, I feel my modern wave art and wood wall sculptures tend to have more of an elevated look and feel.   My pieces compliment modern and contemporary homes quite well.  
wood wave wall sculpture, shaun thomas, carving waves in wood

Pictured above: Sunset Peakmodern wood wave sculpture.

  ​If you’re in search for the perfect piece for your home or office and need help or assistance, let’s chat. I’m always eager to hear which particular piece people connect with. By sharing a photo of your space, I can provide renderings showing you exactly what a piece will look like before buying it. We can then figure out the best size, color, layout, etc. No charge! As much as I am fulfilled in creating and building coastal inspired sculptures, hanging my work in your private sanctuary, knowing you will enjoy it for many years and possibly generations, is truly an amazing feeling and an honor. So what are you waiting for!? Take a quick photo of your space from your phone, send it to my email shaun@shaunthomasart.com and let’s get the conversation started!   P.S If you are interested to hear more about my journey, updates on new wave sculptures, gallery event announcements, and more. Make sure and sign up to my newsletter. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and or Tiktok.