For my new followers and fans who haven’t had a chance to browse all of my artwork online, I wanted to introduce my collection of wave prints. After the first few years of creating my line of wood wall sculptures, I was constantly having conversations with customers who had a smaller budget for artwork or wanted to order multiple pieces within a certain budget. To solve this problem, I decided to come out with a Print Collection.   Pictures above: “Sunset Peak” wave sculpture and “Sunset Peak” canvas wave prints.   This print collection comes from my original modern wave sculptures. Since these wall sculptures are made with wood and have a vivid wood grain pattern running throughout each piece, I wanted to keep this unique wood theme in my Print Collection. It took me quite some time and after years of trial and error, I was able to successfully infuse a high-quality image of a real wood grain pattern into each design. With this process, I am able to place the wood grain exactly where I want it, adding unique natural lines, textures and patterns that you often see in nature. A sense of movement is created and the piece comes to life!   modern surf art, wave art, beach paintings Pictured above: “Beach Break (Sea Foam Green)   This collection gives me the ability to offer multiple colors schemes for each design to better match your space. You can also find multiple layouts to better fit your wall space. Choose between horizontal and vertical layouts for each design. Another bonus is that these prints arrive ready to hang in 1-3 weeks upon order. My original sculptures can take up to 4-6 months.   California modern surf wave art, laguna beach art galleries Pictured above: Large canvas prints Shorebreak & “Beach Break (Sea Foam Green)   To avoid overwhelming you, I thought I’d give you a breakdown of the print surfaces offered. I offer prints on Canvas, Wood and Metal surfaces. Here are the highlights below…   1. Canvas Print
  • most affordable option
  • colors are vibrant and vivid
  • image wrapped around 1/5″ thick stretcher bars
  • infusing a real wood grain image into the artwork
  • comes ready to hang
  • Rolled Canvas option (cheap international shipping)
  • free US Shipping
2. Wood Print
  • printed on 3/4″ white birch plywood
  • translucent ink injected into white birch plywood
  • natural real wood grain pattern shows throughout each piece
  • earthy and organic muted colors (darker appearance than canvas/metal prints)
  • vintage look and feel
  • no two pieces are alike with natural wood grain (wood grain not digitally added)
  • comes ready to hang
  • same price as metal
  • free US shipping
  • learn more
3. Metal Print
  • modern and sleek look (thin metal)
  • vibrant and colorful with luminescent glow
  • showroom gloss finish
  • outdoor option (NEW!)
  • infusing a real wood grain image into the artwork
  • comes ready to hang
  • same price as wood
  • free US Shipping
  • learn more
  To see what print works best for your space, check out the sizing and pricing chart below…

Sizing & Pricing For All Prints

– click chart to zoom in –


  What piece works best for your space? Feel free to reach out as I am happy to assist. For international orders, send me an email and I’ll get you a low cost shipping quote.   Want to see these pieces in person? Come down to my Laguna Beach Art Gallery and get a closer look at what makes these prints so unique.   Call: (949) 274-9023 Email: info@shaunthomasart.com