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February 8th, 2017 // Artist Makes Ocean-Inspired Sculptures from Wood   My path as an artist really began when I took on the challenge to design and build my own furniture. It was the first time I had worked hands-on with wood. I created a couple wood wave pieces next and soon realized I had created something very unique. The little spark of joy I felt from surrounding myself with my own creation caught on like a wildfire. I haven’t looked back since. I try to keep things simple in all my works, which is difficult to do at times. I look at a lot of surf and ocean related imagery for inspiration, picking apart the different angles and sections from different photos. Once I think I have something worthwhile, I’ll draw it up. I create multiple versions of each concept, mixing and matching layout variations and color palettes until I come up with what I feel is worth bringing to life.       Immerse Yourself in Artistry: Visit Shaun Thomas’ Laguna Beach Art Gallery in Orange County, California. Explore his captivating Ocean Wave Art and exquisite Wood Wave Sculpture collection firsthand.