A Guide to Laguna Beach Art from Wood

A Guide to Laguna Beach Art from Wood

Are you looking for a way to create a calm, relaxing, and inviting mood in your rooms? Then you might want to consider beach art from wood. Beach prints and art are designed to add breathtaking scenery and a touch of serenity to your living spaces.

Therefore, whether you are shopping for beach prints and art for relaxing bathroom spaces or pieces for your den or living room, you should be able to do so. This is especially so when you shop at an art gallery with a large selection for you to choose from.

From lighthouse artwork and sunset paintings to exotic beach pictures and picturesque prints, there is such a wide variety of beach art designed from wood that you will certainly be able to choose exactly what’s right for you.

Best of all, it is now possible for you to customize the pieces of art to your needs with canvas transfer and expert framing.

Table of Contents for Wood Art from Laguna Beach

How Does Beach Art Affect Modern Culture?


What are the Different Types of Beach Artwork?


What Is the Importance of Beach Art to the Artistic Community?


What are the Best Strategies for Framing Beach Art?


What are Some Unique Ways to Express Beach Art?


Concluding Thoughts on Beach Art in Laguna Beach

How Does Beach Art Affect Modern Culture?

SHORT ANSWER: What is the Effect of Beach Art on Modern Culture?

  1. Provides Solutions
  2. Preserves History
  3. Improves Self-Expression
  4. Accentuates Education

IN-DEPTH: What Effect Does Beach Art Have on Modern Culture?

Beach wood wall art and wood beach wall art are all designed to affect culture. Today, this type plays a crucial part in people’s lives – from those who are drawn to the coastal home décor style to just about anyone with an eye for beauty.

However, most people never realize the impact of such art on their lives. In fact, most grow into the people they are because of the influence of art in culture – particularly due to their exposure to art as children or young adults.

In particular, beach art – which is a form of modern art – changes opinions, translates experiences across time and space and instills values. Research also shows that art has a tendency to affect our fundamental sense of humanity.

It is for this particular reason that such forms of art are considered to be a repository for the collective memory of society. More specifically, beach art and other art forms preserve introspections that cannot be stored in historical records that are based on facts. Where beach art is concerned, it embodies memories of how it feels to exist in particular spaces at particular time periods – such as a visit to the seaside during the holidays or in summer.

In this sense, beach art acts as a form of communication. In the process, it allows people from different times and cultures to communicate through the images on the art. Additionally, art is a vehicle for societal change by giving voice to people, arousing emotions of people who encounter it and going so far as to inspire their own creativity.

Additionally, there is a definite relationship between the human brain and beach art. Newcastle University researchers, for instance, discovered that viewing these forms of contemporary visual arts has positive effects on the lives of people living in nursing homes or those who are admitted to hospitals.

Beach art also has a variety of utilitarian influences on society. This is why there are positive and demonstrable correlations between the grades children score in literacy and math and their involvement and viewing of this type of art.

For artists, the National Art Education Association has pointed out that beach art is beneficial as an outlet for talent, though, and work. Not only does it foster an innately human need for fulfillment and self-expression, it is also one of the most economically viable options for a career. This is particularly true when you consider the fact that the distribution, management, framing, and creation of art employs so many people in Laguna Beach and beyond.

Here are other ways that beach art made using wood influences modern Laguna Beach culture:

Provides Solutions

People face a whole spectrum of problems in the modern age. Beach art, to this end, is a great way to create solutions to some of these problems. This is particularly so considering the fact that this type of art is created to inspire others while simultaneously inspiring the artist.

Today, one of the best ways to move forward – over and beyond the problems and nuances of everyday life – is through creativity. Therefore, you can count on wooden beach art in your spaces to motivate you to fight stress in the workplace as well as provide relaxing comfort as you enter into your private dwelling place.

Preserves History

Art influences culture by infusing a sense of history in those who create, handle, and view it. Whether you have a painting of children playing on the beach or of a captain looking over the water as his boat approaches the coastline, you can be sure that these are both forms of historical preservation.

Even something as simple as viewing a collection of beach art at a local gallery can create a sense of history – a process that can help you learn something new about the times we live in. Additionally, this history and art can influence how you see and appreciate the world around you, as well as how you interact with the various cultures both locally and globally.

Improves Self-Expression

One of the reasons there are so many art fairs where you can participate in creating art – a popular activity in Laguna Beach – is so that you can get the opportunity to express yourself. Creating beach art, in particular, allows both professionals and novices to express who they are deep down.

Most people have a difficult time expressing themselves. However, this is not true for people who are exposed to art – such as wood beach art. Among these are those who are encouraged, inspired, and influenced to start creating their own unique forms of art. What better reason exists for you to invest in creating wooden beach art designs with your family than this?

Accentuates Education

Exposing yourself and your loved ones to beach art throughout life’s journey will allow everyone to learn more about the world, how to have fun at the coast, and eventually find ways to make living better. This type of education is particularly useful because it could be the missing link that could help you to come up with better solutions – regardless of the career you pursue and that chosen by young ones in your family. This form of education will turn everyone into well-rounded individuals who can appreciate art and, because of this appreciation, aspire to be better human beings.

TAKE-AWAY: Overall, the influence of beach art over culture cannot be overemphasized. It is for this reason that it is so vital that you expose yourself and everyone you love to art and observe how it will change the characters of those who end up appreciating your collection of art.

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Are There Differences in Beach Art

What are the Different Types of Beach Artwork?

SHORT ANSWER: What Types of Beach Artwork Exist?

  1. Art
  2. Paintings
  3. Photos
  4. Illustrations
  5. Digital Art

IN-DEPTH: Are There Differences in Beach Art?

From wood wall art beach scenes and wood wall art beach horses to row boats on the beach wood wall art and beach wood art seascapes, there are so many different types of beach art in Laguna Beach that you will be delighted by the number of available choices when you decide to get some pieces for your spaces.

Today, people from around the globe are attracted to the tranquility and beauty of the beach. It is for this reason that the coast is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the world.

Whether it is the feeling of warmth that you feel when you sit or walk on the sand, the majestic crashing and moving of waves, or even the splendor of sunrises and sunsets on the horizon of the ocean, being at a beach will fill you with a unique sense of wonder and awe.

Luckily, you can bring this sensation right into your living spaces – whether in your office, living room, mantel, bathroom, or even corridors and staircases – in the form of wood beach art. You can even use your sun & beach wood art or wood wall art beach wave image to complement your coastal interior décor theme.

That said, there is a wide variety of different types of beach art in Laguna Beach and beyond. These include, but are not limited to:


Beach art can come in different forms. Whereas some of the pieces are made from wood, others are created using things you would typically find on a beach – including but not limited to sand, seashells, coastal leaves, and vegetation, among others.


Paintings of beach scenes are some of the most popular. They have created artistically for a variety of purposes. Whereas some of these pieces are designed to complement a particular interior décor style, others are just made as reminders of life on the beach – to evoke memories of holidays gone by or to come.


Some artists also choose to create their beach art through the art form of photography. They capture rare and beautiful scenes that can later be printed out and framed for decorative and therapeutic purposes.


In the same way, you can find illustrations of what happens on the beach or at the coast. These illustrations can also help to create memories of the beach, or even be done with the buyer as the muse in the illustration.

Digital Art

Today, digital beach art is a new form of art that is turning more mainstream by the day. Digital art is created using computer software and graphics as a depiction of actual beach art.

TAKE-AWAY: From illustrations and photography to paintings and other types of art, there are so many different forms of beach art. This means that when you decide to get some pieces of your own, you will have a wide variety to choose from.

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How Important is Beach Art to the Artistic Community

What is the Importance of Beach Art to the Artistic Community?

SHORT ANSWER: How Does Beach Art Affect the Artistic Community?

  1. Improves Problem Solving
  2. Interconnects People
  3. Adds to Income
  4. Expands the Sense of Time
  5. Improves Self Expression and Awareness
  6. Expands Freedom
  7. Relieves Stress

IN-DEPTH: How Important is Beach Art to the Artistic Community?

Different locations around the globe celebrate beach art in different ways. In Laguna Beach, for instance, the artistic community celebrates this form of art through various celebrations and fetes organized all year round. By so doing, the community gets unique opportunities to showcase local beaches and life in the area – opportunities that tap into the wealth of cultural heritage and the talent and expertise of the dynamic and eclectic artistic community.

But what is the exact importance of beach art to the artistic community? What role does this form of art play in impacting this ever-evolving group? A quick look at the headlines of most newspapers will illustrate the fact that these people – as well as society at large – is at a crossroads of change.

Some of the ways that beach art affects Artists include:

Improves Problem Solving

When you create beach art in Laguna Beach as elsewhere, you are more likely to improve your problem solving capabilities. Encountering challenges and obstacles is inevitable as long as you are alive. However, when you make art, you continue learning new and resourceful ways to solve problems as you delve into your creative nature by welcoming beach artwork from wood designs into your life.

Interconnects People

Creating beach art in Laguna Beach also allows the artist to connect with other people – particularly those doing similar forms of art. In the process, such creativity creates an instant sense of communal spirit. Whether you exchange ideas with other artists or art lovers, providing or receiving feedback, or simply creating this type of art next to others in silence, there is a sense of connection that is as deeply rewarding as it is undeniable.

Adds to Income

Creating beautiful pieces of beach art means that you will eventually get people who will buy it. This automatically generates a steady stream of income, especially as your reputation continues to grow and people start ordering your pieces.

Expands the Sense of Time

Artists have long discussed the unique experience of timelessness that they encounter while in their creative zone. Since wooden beach art is so unique and beautiful, creating it means that for your time may feel limitless. Strangely enough, giving yourself time to pursue your talent and creativity can help you manage other life events more effectively.

Improves Self Expression and Awareness

Creativity is one of the fastest ways to get to authenticity. When you create beach art, you plumb right into the depth of your being and access what you think, believe, and perceive.

The more you create, the greater you will discover and understand your desires, impulses, and habits. Taking the energy and time to develop your own unique ideas will also help you respect both your inner nature and the beauty of the beaches you frequent. In the process, you will be better able to express yourself to the entire world.

Expands Freedom

The beautiful thing about beach art made of wood is that there is no wrong or right way to create it. The process of creating it will also give you an opportunity to better engage with others around you without overly judging yourself, which is often the case with Laguna Beach art. You will also be able to take risks, strip away your inhibitions, and try new things in a better, healthier way.

Relieves Stress

Creating beach art is a meditative process. It will give you the opportunity to take your time in using your energy, mind, hands, and talent doing something you actually love. This form of creativity will eventually help you find your happiness – irrespective of the level or stage you are at in life or in your career as an artist.

TAKE-AWAY: Beach art is not only beautiful and fun, it is also a great way for the artistic community to find enjoyment. For the buyers and viewers in this community, this form of art brings out feelings of happiness and inner joy that is almost the same as visiting the beach itself. It is for this reason that most people invest in wooded beach artwork.

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How Should I Frame My Beach Art

What are the Best Strategies for Framing Beach Art?

SHORT ANSWER: How is Beach Art Framed?

  1. Size
  2. Components
  3. Orientation
  4. Material
  5. Color

IN-DEPTH: How Should I Frame My Beach Art?

Beach wood art frames are crucial to the appreciation of the beauty of these pieces of art. In fact, without the right frame, it would be difficult to call any piece of beach art beautiful and noteworthy.

After you receive your new print – whether it is a personalized piece of Laguna Beach wood art or a photo of your family sharing happy times down at the coast – you need to frame it. This is the best way to display your art.

As you choose the frame for your beach art, therefore, you should ask yourself what you are framing and what you want that piece of art to say about you, your experience and the artwork itself.

Some of the elements you should consider while selecting a frame include:


As always, size matters. In fact, it is the main starting point irrespective of the design of your beach artwork from wood. When you know the right size of your art, you should start weighing the frame options that are available to you.

In most cases, you will find that standard size pieces – such as A3 and A4 – will fit into a ready-made frame while other sizes might require that you get your framing customized.


Apart from the molding of the frame, you also need to decide whether you are going to include mounts on your beach art. In most cases, this would be the boarded card insert. The molding is a powerful weapon because it will give your art some breathing space as well as introduce intrigue and depth into the design. This will also improve the focus of your wood beach artwork.


It is always a good idea to match your Laguna Beach artwork’s orientation to the frame – whether it is landscape or portrait, as well as to the dimensions of your walls. In case you have a relatively narrow and tall wall, try something designed within a portrait framework.

On the other hand, if your wall is wide, you might want to go with landscape beach art and framing. This will make the result more comfortable and logical to appreciate.

In case you have several framed beach art pieces to hang, consider interlocking the frames in different orientations. This is one of the best ways to create your own picturesque wall display.


The material of the frame will have a major impact on how your interiors and beach art look and feel. Aluminum frames, for instance, create a contemporary look and work better for modern homes and commercial environments.

Wooden frames, on the other hand, are more varied in appearance and style. They also offer a range of modern, retro, and classic looks – or even a shabby chic interior design style.

In case you have a hard time making a decision, a simple white or flat back wooden frame will work well irrespective of the type of beach art or interior décor theme in your home.


While choosing the colors of your frames, there are many variables you should consider. Start by asking which colors will best complement your interior décor style, and which colors will make your beach art look its best.

You can also check modern trends and how your personality will manifest itself in the color choice you end up making.

TAKE-AWAY: Overall, finding the right frames for your beach art should not be too difficult. As long as you have a rough idea about how you would like the final display to look, it should be easy for you to get the perfect frames to complement your style, personality, creativity, and the artwork pieces themselves.

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What are Some Unique Ways to Express Beach Art?

SHORT ANSWER: How is Beach Art Expressed?

  1. Personalized Wood Beach Art
  2. Vintage Beach Art on Wood

IN-DEPTH: How Can I Express Beach Art Uniquely?

Beyond the framing, there are many unique ways you can express beach art in Laguna Beach and beyond. These options will allow you to showcase your artwork pieces in the best way possible while keeping them from gathering dust.

These include but are not limited to:

Personalized Wood Beach Art

When you need your beach art to be personalized, here are some ideas you should consider trying. They will better ensure that the art expresses your unique personality and individuality:

  1. Creating contrast for cohesion
  2. Creating transitional spaces
  3. Expecting the unexpected
  4. Incorporating interactive art
  5. Playing with color
  6. Showing off vintage valuables

Vintage Beach Art on Wood

On the other hand, you can also invest in vintage beach art from Laguna Beach, which has a way of enabling your ability to bring in traditional themes, colors, and hues into your spaces and walls. Some ideas here include:

  1. Embracing odd numbers
  2. Featuring favorite and unique finds
  3. Maintaining consistency
  4. Trusting in both the traditional and the modern
  5. Wowing with white

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Concluding Thoughts on Beach Art in Laguna Beach

Overall, beaches provide a naturally beautiful landscape. This is why Laguna Beach art is such an exquisite form of art. It emanates the feeling of warm breezes brushing against your skin, and passing in between your toes, and the sounds of waves as they crash on the shore.

When you invest in wood beach art, therefore, you will be investing in this type of feeling – which could be true for other forms of art also but mostly applies to the nuances of beach artwork.

To learn more about beach art, order a piece, or simply ask a question, please get in touch with us through info@shaunthomasart.com or by calling (949) 274-9023. We look forward to hearing from you.

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