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wave art sculpture, carving waves in wood, surf art, coastal modern wall art

Find yourself sinking into the natural flow of water with unique wave art Sculptures

The grain of the wood adds a sense of movement, even as the imagery simply captures the brief moment just before a wave crashes, letting you imagine the weight of the wave finally collapsing while you get to perpetually enjoy the silhouette of a perfect crest. Shaun Thomas’ wood wall sculptures are minimalistic but bold, with an extensive catalog of work. You can find a wave art sculpture that captures these idyllic moments but still fits your home and style. Read on to discover how you can incorporate and capture the endless wave in your home, and in your life.   surf art, wave art sculpture, carving waves in wood, coastal modern wall art

Modern Coastal Art For Your Walls

Living rooms should always have a centerpiece. That one item that was obviously the inspiration for the design that pulls contrasting décor ideas into a cohesive idea. An art piece dedicated to our oceans is perfect for someone who loves catching waves and for those who are more comfortable simply watching the ocean while the tide comes in and recedes. Tie your living room beach theme together with one of these spectacular pieces of wave art. You can also choose to add a sense of relaxation to a bedroom or home office by displaying them opposite from your bed or desk. Let the stress of the day wash away when you examine the flow of the wood grain and imagine staring out at the vast ocean. Don’t feel limited to one room; adding a piece of Shaun Thomas’s spectacular surf art to a hallway can add extra dimensions to the end of a walkway or make a great view when you open a bedroom or office door. There’s no better way to relax than sipping on a glass of your favorite beverage while contemplating beautiful art. So, consider adding some serenity to your life with modern coastal art. If you’re fascinated by this art, consider buying one of Shaun Thomas’ wood wall sculptures. Looking for something more affordable? Consider how a wave print may work better for your home. These surf wall decor pieces are splendid in their original form, but when you choose to buy a print your formatting options exponentially expand. Take a look at the myriad of options available, and see if vertical, horizontal, or multi-paneled formats will make the best statement on your walls.   surf art, wave art, surfboard wall decor, coastal modern wall art

From Wood Wall Sculptures to SURFBOARDS

What’s a better way to celebrate waves than surfboard artwork? Carry this one-of-a-kind contemporary surf art with you to the beach when you get a custom surfboard. Let it be your partner as you ride the waves, looking to recreate one of the picturesque moments the artwork depicts. Build memories that will last a lifetime and remember all your surfing experiences when you take a glance at your beautiful custom board. Not to mention that even if you don’t surf, a surfboard can be a unique way to make a bold ocean-themed statement in your home, lodge, or office. A surfboard might be a perfect choice for you, so consider looking into Shaun’s custom surfboards.   longboard art, bamboo skateboard, cruiser

Catch Waves, Even on Your Skateboard

You may not be much of a surfer, even though you love surf decor. Don’t let that stop you from catching some waves and carrying them with you on dry land! Longboard art is a part of skateboard culture, and you want your longboard to reflect who you are or to capture a specific mood you’re in if you have a collection. These unique pieces are bold and will stand out when hung on a wall or when you’re out cruising around town. When you choose a cruiser from Shaun’s collection, you’re helping save trees because these longboards are made from bamboo. You’re getting an eco-friendly, high-quality board you’ll be using for years to come. Not a skater? Don’t let that stop you from getting your hands on one of these remarkable pieces of Longboard Art. Choose instead to get just the deck—the wood body of the skateboard—without the wheels. If you order from us, we’ll even add in the necessary equipment you’ll need to mount the board to your wall. Also, consider getting a mini surfboard wall décor piece that Shaun now offers, adding a slice of ocean life to any room. The mini surfboard doesn’t take up as much space as some other pieces might while still making a daring effective statement in any room. If you, or somebody you’re still looking to get a great gift for, would love this fantastic wave art, consider buying a gift for them! From ceramic ornaments to tote bags, you can find a piece of wave that can suit any home. Each gift item is high quality and features prints of various wood wall sculptures that will add a touch of the ocean wherever they are displayed.   wave art sculpture, carving waves in wood, 3d wave sculpture

Bringing a warm, earthy and Oceanic serenity to your home

If you want to bring the ocean into your home, consider adding some wood wall sculptures by Shaun Thomas. They’ll add a splash of the waves to your walls or into your style. Whether you’re choosing to buy an original coastal sculpture or are looking to invest in a wave print, this bold artwork will liven up any room and create a sense of contemplation in stillness. On the other hand, you may be rearing to buy a custom surfboard or longboard art. If you do, enjoy adding a touch of the ocean with these brilliant wood wave carvings that will liven up your home or make a statement the next time you head to the beach.   surf art, wave art sculpture, Laguna Beach art gallery, surf gallery Laguna Beach


View Shaun Thomas’ Wave Sculptures and Modern Coastal Art at his Laguna Beach Art Gallery, here in Orange County, California.