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Near the end of 2019, Shaun Thomas was approached by Nectarine Grove, a popular Vegan, Gluten Free and Organic Cafe, as they were interested in a large mural of his surf art in their amazing little cafe nestled in the beautiful city of Leucadia, California. Growing up learning how to surf around the nearby San Diego beach towns, Shaun was honored to get his work displayed in such an awesome location. Making sure his work stayed true to his style, Shaun created the entire wave art mural out of wood. Achieving this however was no easy task as the mural wall was much larger than anticipated, measuring in at over 13′ tall and 11′ wide. Making sure the face of the piece did not have screws running through it, the install took longer than expected. Mr. Thomas was able to interlock the large 4×8 pieces to each other while as well as secure the piece safely to the wall. To not interfere with the Cafe’s business, Shaun spent two grave-yard shifts installing the piece. This San Diego wood mural features a combination of Shaun Thomas’ two most popular 3d wave sculptures, Day Dreamer with it’s unique style of wave and a Hawaiian inspired skyline from Hokua.  A printed version of the custom mural’s wave artwork is now available for purchase, click here. If interested in a mural, an original wood wall sculpture, or beach prints on wood for your office space or home, don’t hesitate to reach out. Shaun is happy to work with you and help guide you through the process for an easy and enjoyable experience. Please email: info@shaunthomasart.com or call (949) 274-9023.    


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