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The power of the water pushing from behind. The build-up of speed and setting the stance on the board. Now you are free to ride the wave as it roars, rises, and crests behind you, then reaches its peak. You race through the hollow to beat the wave as it crashes down after you. There is no one with you as you dare to defy the water and the waves. It is you, the board, and the one wave on this tremendous journey of strength, balance, and exhilarating energy. This is the special experience artist Shaun Thomas wants to share with viewers, so they can get that same feeling, vicariously, that he has experienced throughout his life. His specialty is in depicting the curves of waves through his wave art sculptures in different interpretations.

Shaun Thomas' piece, THE POINT will now be on display for the "Movement" show from Dec 30, 2014 – Jan 23, 2015, with an opening reception Jan 3. Orange County Creatives Gallery is located in Laguna Beach, a premier art community