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The color Seafoam green actually gets its name from the froth found on ocean water—however it’s not actually the color of sea foam at all, which is white rather than green. But the shade we know as seafoam green evokes the freshness of the ocean. As a subdued tone that is easy on the eyes, it is a very versatile color. The shade is a great choice for any occasion where you want to promote relaxation or associations with renewal, health and freshness. On this particular piece, Shaun Thomas’ uses the sea foam green color with a soft golden sunset hue creating a unique vintage surf art look and feel.  

What Printed medium looks best?

Depending on the environment you’re going to hang this piece in, there are three different printed mediums offered that will change the look and feel of this contemporary surf art piece. Check out the 3 options below.

1. EARTHY, WARM & ORGANIC | Wood Print

Printed on the highest grade White Birch wood, Shaun Thomas’ wave art is complemented with a unique wood grain pattern which creates a vivid skyline or wavy water effect throughout each print. With the translucent ink on the surface of the wood, the wood grain pattern pops through the piece. No two pieces are alike. With this unique wood grain effect, these prints end up being more muted in color. The colors and vibrancy along with the wood grain pattern you see in the online images is not how it looks in person. They have a warmer, earthy and organic tone creating more of a vintage surf art vive. If you are looking to add more natural elements to your space, this is a medium for your next modern coastal art piece.  

2. SLEEK & MODERN | Metal Prints

Creating unique movement throughout each piece, Shaun infuses a real wood grain image into sections of his work for both metal and canvas prints. What you see online is exactly how it will look when delivered. His metal wave wall art has become rapidly popular and a favorite medium among his collectors and customers. Rather than printed on the aluminum’s surface, the dyes infuse the wave prints directly into specially coated aluminum sheets. In result, the wave art has a magical luminescence giving off an amazing vibrancy and pop in color. Different finish options are available including Satin, Semi-gloss and High-Gloss. With this particular medium, you have the ability to hang these surf art prints outdoor as well.  


Similar to the metal printed medium, the artwork used on the canvas has an added wood grain effect in each design. What you see on screen is exactly how it will look once delivered. These canvas surf prints are the most affordable and have the ability for large work to be shipped internationally in a rolled tube at a much more affordable rate, and stretched by a professional in your home town.  

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  To view Shaun Thomas’ work in person, check out his modern Surf Art Laguna Beach Art Gallery.