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Meet San Diego based Coastal INSPIRED Wood artist Shaun Thomas

Clean lines and sharp edges, creating captivating scenes. Involved and evocative of engagement and emotion, Shaun Thomas’ wood wave sculptures are deeply rooted in his passion for surfing and design. His use of clean lines and mixed media draw the viewer into masterfully crafted coastal inspired worlds, borne of his rich imagination. See more of Shaun Thomas work, click here. Follow his work on instagram: @ShaunThomasArt  
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Shaun Thomas’ coastal inspired Wood Wall Sculptures and surf Art will now be available at the Leaping Lotus.

A unique marketplace located in the Design District in Solano Beach, California. This 21,000 sq.ft. location has been around for over 16 years, giving local residents and visitors a chance to check out the local art, home decor, furniture, gifts and more! Check out one of Shaun Thomas’ new wave art and surf board decor now featured at this location.

LEAPING LOTUS: 240 S Cedros Ave, Solana Beach, CA 92075

  Follow: Facebook: facebook.com/ShaunThomasArt Instagram: @ShaunThomasArt   surf gallery laguna beach, surf art, wave art sculpture, carving waves in wood   To see Shaun Thomas’ wave art sculptures and modern coastal art in person, visit his Laguna Beach Art Gallery nestled in Orange County, California. Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of ocean wave art and marvel at the beauty of his Wood Wave Sculpture collection. Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the captivating essence of the sea through the eyes of a talented artist.