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Shaun Thomas’ New 2018

Contemporary Works

Sun & Moon (Ivory Coast)

 (2) 36″x36″

Materials Used: 2 different cuts of Swirl Mahogany, giving off two different shades as well as Walnut crotch and a strip of Beech (Spalted).

Sun & Moon (Obsidian)

(2) 36″x36″

Materials Used: Mix of Walnut Burl, Ebony (Macassar), Koa and Swirl Mahogony.

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Sun & Moon

 (2) 48″x48″

Materials Used: European Walnut with a shade of black and dark grey

– SOLD –

Shaun Thomas’ line of Sun & Moon series all portray a sense of zen and balance between the two pieces. A variety of domestic and exotic wood species are used in each set, utilizing the contrast in colors and wood grain patterns to create unique and intriguing pieces.


While no two pieces of wood look-alike, certain species of wood can become unavailable as well, which results in one-of-a-kind pieces that cannot be re-created.  The variety of wood I use is only what is available on the market or what I have in stock.


The circles on each piece are 3/4″ thick and sit on top of the piece. The square mount ranges in 1.5″-2.5″ thick. The border around the piece is inlayed and sits flush underneath the thick “showroom gloss” finish.


For additional information please call (949) 306-4747 or email info@shaunthomasart.com

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