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The power of the water pushing from behind. The build-up of speed and setting the stance on the board. Now you are free to ride the wave as it roars, rises, and crests behind you, then reaches its peak. You race through the hollow to beat the wave as it crashes down after you. There is no one with you as you dare to defy the water and the waves. It is you, the board, and the one wave on this tremendous journey of strength, balance, and exhilarating energy. This is the special experience artist Shaun Thomas wants to share with viewers, so they can get that same feeling, vicariously, that he has experienced throughout his life. His specialty is in depicting the curves of waves through his wave art in different interpretations.

Surfing is more than a hobby or activity…it is a lifestyle. For anyone that loves hanging ten and riding the wild ocean waves, this feeling shouldn’t be only at the beach. You can bring this feeling into your home so you always have those laid back and low key vibes. The best way to do that? Surfboard Wall Art. Shaun Thomas' specializes in creating beautiful surfboard inspired pieces for your space. Looking to add a bit of that vibe to your space? Read on to find ideas on how to add this look or similar looks into your home.

Near the end of 2019, Shaun Thomas was approached by Nectarine Grove, a popular Vegan, Gluten Free and Organic Cafe, as they were interested in a large mural of his surf art in their amazing little cafe nestled in the beautiful city of Leucadia, California. Growing up learning how to surf around the nearby San Diego beach towns, Shaun was honored to get his work displayed in such an awesome location. Making sure his work stayed true to his style, Shaun created the entire Mural out of wood. Achieving this however was no easy task as the Mural wall was much larger than anticipated, measuring in at over 13' tall and 11' wide.

Are you looking for a way to create a calm, relaxing, and inviting mood in your rooms? Then you might want to consider beach art from wood. Beach prints and art are designed to add breathtaking scenery and a touch of serenity to your living spaces. Therefore, whether you are shopping for beach prints and art for relaxing bathroom spaces or pieces for your den or living room, you should be able to do so. This is especially so when you shop at an art gallery with a large selection for you to choose from. From lighthouse artwork and sunset paintings to exotic beach pictures and picturesque prints, there is such a wide variety of beach art designed from wood that you will certainly be able to choose exactly what’s right for you.